Saturday, 7 October 2017

Implementing CRM week 3

Today marked our third Collaborative Response Model (C.R.M.) meeting. Because I decided to spend ½ of our professional development day today committed to Collaborative Response, I let teachers use their CRM time yesterday to work on students'  Individual Support Plans. Our first two CRM meetings focused on beliefs, working agreements, a common understanding, Collaborative Team Meetings, and assessment. Today we focused on “Pyramid of Interventions” for nearly two hours. Collaborating as a whole staff worked very well and everyone was engaged for the entire meeting. One of our district’s “Optimal Learning Coaches,” Michelle Hilton, and I had met a week earlier and she had shared some methods (inspired by Jigsaw) to create a pyramid of interventions. I welcomed her expertise to lead the school in various activities so that I could fully participate  with the staff. Michelle is also a Kagan structure coach so she implemented many of their protocols to facilitate the meeting. She modeled different activities that teachers can also take back to their classroom. You can find a copy of the presentation here.
District "Coach" setting the stage

our pyramid

jot thoughts

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