Sunday, 22 October 2017

Implementing CRM week 5

Today's focus was to prepare for our first Collaborative Team Meeting (CTM) which will be November 2nd, 2017. We started off the meeting reviewing a presentation put on by Kurtis Hewson the day before for our district's CRM leadership cohort. I had attended with the school’s Classroom Support Teacher (CST) and a District Optimal Learning Coach (OLC).  We spent 40 minutes sharing our school’s action plan (completed at the session the day before), watched a video of another school’s CRM, shared the meeting notes template and the student form that will be filled out before each meeting. These resources are all located on the Jigsaw learning site. We set a date for our first CTM and the cycle that will occur afterwards (every four weeks), knowing that this may be adjusted. The next 40 minutes teachers spent time in their groups working on improved instructional practices.

In one group further discussion around a CTM occurred. The CST and I talked through what the CTM could like and examples of students that might be brought to the table. Another group started talking about deficiencies they are noticing in math students and spoke about how to scaffold their three grade levels. I sat back and listened and noted some “sound bites” 
“I’m struggling with this too. You are not alone”
“How are they (students) applying this? They aren’t.”
“Can we try a number of the day strategy?”
“Lets create a template and use common language.”
“Have you set up a Google classroom? When you do we can….”
They came up with strategies and a template to implement  into their classrooms and some next steps. Our OLC made appointments to follow up with support the following week before our next meeting. Another group identifying weakness in their language arts programs met with an OLC and came up with a plan to develop common literacy centers that are easily adaptable (low floor, high ceiling) for their diverse students. They have a vision of what they eventually want to move towards, but are going to start off smaller with the help of OLCs who will follow a “gradual release of responsibility” model.

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