Monday, 20 November 2017

Implementing CRM week 8

Our CRM day is every Thursday. Because report cards were due and we had a plan to dedicate a good portion of our professional development day on Friday towards CRM, I asked teachers to decide how they felt they needed to use their time. For our school PD we had two main goals regarding CRM:  develop a common set of working agreements (each group had different ones) and continue to refine and to develop  our pyramid of interventions.
To develop our common norms we had teachers sitting in their CRM groups. Each group reviewed their norms and identified their top four norms using a cooperative learning structure. Once each group came to agreement, each CRM group member then found a partner from another group where they compared their lists and then engaged in conversation to create a new list of four norms. The partners then joined another pair to create groups of four where once again they created one list of four norms. Finally each group shared a norm one at a time and we recorded each one on a white board. Duplicated norms were not recorded. In the end each group was very similar and it only took ten or fifteen minutes to come to an agreement. The end result was the following five norms:

Honour the process
Demonstrate a growth mindset
Equal voice/shared participation

After we developed our norms we discussed the TQS and how it fits in with tier one supports. We also further clarified our understanding of the difference between tier 1 and 2 strategies/interventions and reexamined our pyramid from last month. We asked teachers to underline those that they felt needed to be moved into a different tier and  highlight those that needed more clarification before determining which tier it belongs in.

The CRM portion of our presentation can be seen here.  PD day presentation

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