Thursday, 22 September 2016


Our (this is my wife's journey as much as mine) recovery from heart disease has been as dramatic and in some ways as shocking as my initial diagnosis. 174 days ago my doctor offered me hospital admittance, uncertain of my stability, and the adventure began. Six months off work so far for treatment, monitoring, lifestyle changes, appointments, an ICU admittance and management of a whole lot of medications was ordered. Our lives have revolved around heart disease. Recently different medical professionals have contacted us expressing their genuine relief and surprise that we have reversed the once labelled “severe heart failure.” My heart, they said, has healed itself. Yesterday one of our specialists shared that we had far exceeded expectations and although we still had some work and careful monitoring to do, I was basically as fit as I was a year ago when I was participating in five and ten hour endurance events. I have shared that this has been the best thing to ever happen to me (I know that sounds crazy), but I have learned so many things during this experience and my greatest fear now is that in time I will forget. We have learned the power of a positive mindset. We know meditation and mindfulness played a role in recovery, as did connecting with nature. We know that each day is a gift, there is only this moment and what the mind believes the body can achieve.  We believe in the power of gratitude and humility.

I will forever be indebted to a team of medical personnel from Medicine Hat and Calgary who followed me closely and became more like really smart friends than distant professionals. I thank family and friends who believed, prayed, sent positive thoughts and vibes and messages of encouragement. Mostly, though,  I am grateful for my wife, Lisa,  who is my rock, my greatest supporter, believer and best friend who put her life on hold for ½ a year so that I could regain mine.

Be well my friends, seize the day.

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