Friday, 8 May 2015

Time to learn

I am fortunate to have many interests in life. Many of those interests are shared between my personal and work life. I don't consider it work when I am reading about instruction, leadership, assessment or technology or just plain learning about anything. Another one of my interests is wellness and physical fitness. Today I traveled to Montana, U.S.A. to participate in an obstacle race with a few friends and colleagues.

My supplies for the trip would indicate to many that I am going to a conference or engaging in some form professional development. Sharing space in my luggage with my trail runners, sports gels and nutritional bars  are my books on assessment, deeper learning, innovative leadership and of course my chromebook and smartphone.  On the road I take the opportunity to reflect and consider new challenges, where to focus my attention, what I have been neglecting and what I want to accomplish. Sitting in the hotel room I take the opportunity to write, prepare for my race and appreciate all that I have. So as I travel on my own this time, I don't feel a need to leave all my 'work' behind me. I'll enjoy the time to reflect, the time to read, the time to write, the time to learn and the time to race.

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